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We make a new proposal about Decoupling Inductor "COILFIL" that is used for Power Line of Interposer and PCB Circuits which Ultra-High Speed LSI chip is carried on ...
      3 KRFMproposal_Main_E02 Main_E02   ( PDF 317KB )

      There are many engineers who aren't satisfied with the simulation of PI  (Power Integrity) Solution, that it is the technique to design Power Supply Transmission Line in the
low impedance by Decoupling Capacitor ...

      4 KRFM propo_Exp01_E02 Exp01_E02   ( PDF 317KB )

     It is the first time from the easy commentary of the
recent electronic circuit (mounting circuit board) design
technique (simulation), an end is mentioned about a limit of Decoupling Capacitor and the practical use of Decoupling Inductor "COILFIL" ...

     5 KRFM propo_Exp02_E03 Exp02_E03   ( PDF 194KB )

      Many engineer who execute the circuit board design
that use the impedance control method were noticed.
There is much contradiction in the element which must be
taken into consideration, and the requirement to face
realization ...