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Capital 55,000,000 JPYEN
President Kuni  fumi  Komiya
Management Staff

Oct. 1998 Company  Establishment.
Feb. 1999 Commercialization and Development of Microwave Inductor (size 0402).
Apr. 1999 Development of data collection system for Network Analyzer.
May. 1999 Development of POWERFIL.
Sep. 1999 Authorized by the Japanese Government under the Law Concerning Creative Business Activity of Small and Medium Enterprises with the "Development of EMC Noise Solution Filter Parts for Electronic Equipment".
Nov. 1999 Development of COILFIL(size 0402).
Feb. 2000 Subsidized by New Technology Development Foundation.
Jul. 2000 Subsidized by the Kanagawa Prefecture Foundational Industry Promotional Business Subsidy.
Jan. 2001 Subsidized by UFJ High-Tech Venture Development Foundation for "Resonate Type Switch/Attenuator Hybrid IC for Microwave Band used Pin Diodes.
Sep. 2001 Subsidized by Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan for "New Device"D.C. Bias Circuit Harmonics Filter Used for High Speed (Transmission) Semiconductor.
Jan. 2002 Subsidized by Yokohama City Technology Support Center for Development of " Resin Package for Ultra Wideband (100KHz - 12GHz) Harmonics Filter".
Feb. 2002 Subsidized by Public Trust Mizuho New Business Promotion Fund for " Practical Use of New Design for Ultra Speed Wideband Semiconductor Harmonics Filter Device ".
Feb. 2002 Subsidized by Yokohama City International Industrial Development Subsidy for start up of Joint Concern and Plant for Production of Harmonic Filter Parts for Power Source.
Mar. 2002 Subsidized by Small and Medium Enterprise for Development of Component for Eliminating Radiation of Unnecessary Noise for D.C. Power Supply.
May. 2002 Subsidized by Naito Zaidan Technological Promotion Foundation for "The Actual Proof of Power Decoupling Devices Technology for GHz-Band High speed Digital Circuits".
Nov. 2002 Awarded the kanakawa govenment price for "Kanagawa Invention Device".
Jan. 2003 Support Granted for I.A. USA office by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and begins pre-operation of KRFM AMERICA, Inc.
Jun. 2003 KRFM AMERICA, Inc. joined   Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association ( ECA ) member.
Oct. 2003 KRFM AMERICA, Inc. participated in the ECA Fall 2003 Engineering Summit where we presented the new Decoupling Devices technology.
Dec. 2003 Document No. MAG-03-215 written by KRFM JAPAN is published and compiled for The Papers of Technical meeting on Magnetics, IEE Japan.
Feb. 2004 KRFM JAPAN becomes a majority shareholder and reorganized KRFM AMERICA, Inc. undernew management.
Feb. 2005 TAISEI is manufactured in collaboration with KRFM JAPAN with the development of all RF products.
Dec. 2006 New Power Tap Box for perfectly equipped safety countermeasure was sold by AVANTEC with KRFM JAPAN.
Feb. 2007 Subsidized by Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation,JAPAN.


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