In an era where technology has made it possible for information to be retrieved with just a click of a mouse, it has become increasingly important to secure the communication network systems and ensure access control is maintained.

With several hardware out in the market today, not so much as dissolve in its own countermeasure, products have diversified its features with latest visions.

However, our products take customers beyond these boundaries, through the protection of the communication network system, where possible security threats and network failure are identified.

Specifications for our products are included as PDF files.
Additional product information can be provided upon request.

( 13kB )
KRFM is an expertise venture business locating its technology
development base in Japan.
( 10kB )
Japanese Firm KRFM Joins Arlington's Incubator America Program.
( 152kB )
Protect from Tommorow's Terrorists,the best in what we do.

( 94kB )
Decoupling Technology to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference
in High-Speed Digital Equipments
( 375kB )
Revolutionary Ultra-Wideband Eliminate Filter
The decoupling device, which we have developed,
( 61kB )
Ultra Wide Band Harmonics Eliminate Filter for High Speed Digital Semiconductor

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