Our line of high quality Hybrid IC can be customized up to 20 GHz for your required specific needs. We are specialized in developing Hybrid IC, which uses PIN Diode, designed and manufactured in Japan.

You name it, We make it !

is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Even if you decide not to go for mass production, we must ask initial cost. If you agree with this, we would like to hear specifications, characteristics, target price, mass production quantity, and so on in detail.

KSTC-53G ???
There are no such thing in our stock.
But, again, We will make it!

Don't ask us for KSTC-53G. We are not retailer and we don't have them. Indeed, we do have quite a few items in stock, which are mass produced in the past. You may be able to just use them or you may have to make your own.

You will find our stocked item named such as KSTC-53G. We will show you the characteristics, but ultimately we want you to tell us what do you want us to do with it. In any case, item name can be read as:

1.  K for KRFM Original Circuits
2.  Either ST for Switch or AT for Attenuator
3.  Either C for Ceramic or none for (S)SOP
4.  Figure of Frequency: 53 for 5.3
. Frequency Unit (T for Tera, G for Giga, M for Mega)

Remember, you name it, we make it !

Followings are actual items' charactoristics as examples. Take a look, and let's discuss the problems you are facing in detail.

KATC Series   ( 86 KB )

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