Our Expertise

KRFM is composed of professional Radio Frequency engineers who were staff members of Toshiba, involved in the microwave circuit design and development of high frequency and broadband packaging technology.

KRFM is engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of both the Decoupling devices and the Microwave Hybrid IC devices.  Furthermore, they have been involved in the design and development of the materials for Microwave Passive components. 

Our team of engineers has extensive knowledge and experience in the RF passive circuits design for which they have packaging patents.  We developed an IC package design with a multi power source distributor that is embedded in the package.  Our network of engineers possesses the theory, knowledge and ideas to develop the packaging structure for high-speed semiconductor power supply.   

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Countermeasure of Security
originally a countermeasure from both hardware and software is necessary.
( 346kB )
The Fundamental EMI / EMC Countermeasure That Eliminates the Unnecessary Radio Waves (noises) of Electronic Circuits
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What is POWERFIL that is a product of KRFM ?
What is great about it?
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It was formed with the objective of introducing KRFM products into the US market.What is great about it?

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