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The communication network industry has earned global recognition for redefining and transforming the quality of life through innovative and revolutionary ideas. This technological advancement has created a level of awareness in society that mankind has never experienced. Being driven with a person for achieving customer satisfaction, I believe in providing products that are able to simplify complexities, designed to meet their basic as well as their highly sophisticated need through our superior workmanship, advanced engineering and our pioneering technology. It is a challenge to undertake this task and it is my commitment to succeed, through hard work, strong good will and determination. It is not an easy task, especially in this economic environment. Even though insider knowledge of the telecom/server market would be of great benefit to help position product, I can only say that there are people out there that need to be found that will help build the organization. I am sure to encounter great difficulties to accomplish the goal but I see my role in KRFM America is to manage the organization: motivate, lead, encourage and enable to accomplish with the support of the team (IA Staff) with what they believe is necessary to sell by directing and allocating the scarce financial resources that are available.
Kunifumi Komiya

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