Engineering Breakthrough for RF & Microwave Analog Passive Technology

With several applications out in the market today serving personal commercial uses, products have diversified its features with visions and upgrades. However, our product takes customers beyond these boundaries, through the protection of the communication network system where possible security treats and network failure are identified.

We would like to stress that depending on the adaptability the marketability is very high. For example, by integrating our device to the existing system/circuitry of an electronic data system, a dramatic increase in the data transfer and storage capacity is achieved.

In this case, it is recognized as an engineering breakthrough in the electronic data transmission technology. And it is applicable also for the entire high speed digital circuitry; its development is also sought for application to IC of GIGABIT ETHERNET.

There is an existing demand for a solution to better secure information and communication systems. Certain measures have to be in place to ensure national security, warding off lawless individuals from causing disruption of order and maintaining a network system that is protected from infiltrators. Understanding the significance of need to address the situation, we believe our technologically advanced innovations can ultimately provide enhance security for IT networks.

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