What's In KRFM ?

KRFM is an expertise venture business locating its technology development base in Yokohama, Japan, and performing its enterprise activity with the start up of manufacturing and sales in several locations of Orient.

It was established with several Professional Microwave (RF) and Integrated Circuit engineers of leading semiconductor manufacturer in Japan.

At present, electronics firms are finding themselves in need of experienced engineers with the craftsmanship necessary to implement EMI(Electromagnetic Interference)/EMC(Electro magnetic Compatibility) countermeasures, as Noise Elimination is not a simple task than can be performed by just anyone.

This need will become more pressing, until the firms eventually find themselves unable to bear the cost of EMI/EMC countermeasures.

To address this situation, we wondered whether it would be possible to create the components that anyone could use to prevent Electro magnetic Noise regardless of the sorts of active components that were mounted on the board.

We therefore began to develop a New filter concept focusing on the D.C. power supply line for individual IC components.

Our latest D.C. power line harmonics filter, or "POWERFIL" , is able to cut the harmonics in wideband range from 100 kHz to 12,500 MHz at -20 dB line.

It has adopted in a variety of devices, including optical fiber equipment, LCD panels, and PC servers.

It provides optimum filtering to support EMC needs of electronic equipments such as today's computers.

Out of several other applications we believe that our products can play an integral part in the fight against terrorisms through the protection from intruding and attacking server network systems.

In addition to these developments, we accept designs and manufacturing of PCB (PWB) circuits of your requirements as well as inspections.

KRFM recommend Great Power Supply of High Frequency Service.

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